Wigs and Hairpieces

I understand that everyone’s hair and face shapes are unique. This is why many people find it almost impossible to buy a wig off the shelf that is the right color, style and shape that enhances facial features. I make your wig look like your natural hair, not a wig.

My process begins with a crucial consultation where you and I meet to design your future hair style. I start by listening to what you desire from your wig and we build a plan from there. Building a plan is extremely important as I only get one chance with your wig.

Please read more below the images.

Types of Wigs
There are two types of wig materials that you can buy; human hair and synthetic hair. Both wigs can be cut to style but only the human hair can be colored. Also, please note that if your changing the style of a synthetic wig it may need to be done over several days as you cannot use hot tools or blow dryers on them. They must be left to drip dry so please allow up to 5 days from drop off to pickup. Whether your wig is a full-cap, open-cap or partial coverage (winglet), I style them all.

I work in the private setting of my family home. My wig clients really enjoy this intimate setting as there is no need to feel shy or nervous in front of a salon full of customers watching you.

Wigs styling is $70/ hour.
I charge by the hour for wigs because it is difficult to say how much time each client will need. A style & color on a longer full-cap wig will take more time than a style on a winglet. I can provide you with an estimate at our consultation.

Due to the fact that most people wearing wigs like to keep this matter private, I’m unable to provide many photos of any wigs that I have styled.

To Bring to your Consultation
1. Your wig or hair piece
2. Photos of styles or colours you like
3. Any tape or adhesive that you may be using